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[导读] 美国《华尔街日报》公布的美国贸易谈判《条件清单》(转载)



  标题Balancing the trade relationship between the united states of Americaand the people’s republic of China(中文:平衡中美之间的贸易关系)

  英文: There is an immediate need for the UnitedStates and China to reduce the U.S. trade deficit with China by ensuring thatChina’s market is open to United States traders and investors on a fair andnon-discriminatory basis.” 。


第一部分 减少贸易赤字

  英文:China commits to work with Chineseimporters to engage in trade transactions to achieve targets to which theParties agree.


  英文:These transactions are specificallydesigned to reduce the United States-China trade deficit by $100 billion in thetwelve (12) months beginning June 1, 2018.

  中文:从 2018 年 6 月 1 日开始的 12 个月以内,中国需要减少 1000 亿美元的对美贸易顺差

  英文:and an additional $100 billion in thetwelve (12) months beginning June 1, 2019, such that the U.S. trade deficitwith China will have decreased compared to 2018 by at least $200 billion by theend of 2020.

  中文:从 2019 年 6 月 1 日开始,中国继续在 12 个月以内减少第二个 1000 亿美元的对美贸易顺差。

  英文:China’s purchase of U.S. goods willrepresent at least 75% of China’s commitment to a $100 billion increase inpurchases of U.S. exports for the twelve months beginning June 1, 2018, and atleast 50% of China’s commitment to an additional $100 billion increase inpurchases of U.S. exports in the twelve (12) months beginning June 1, 2019.

  中文:中国承诺,从 2018 年 6 月 1 日 -2019 年 5 月 31 日新增进口 1000 亿美元中,至少 75% 是购买美国商品;自 2019 年 6 月 1 日开始的第二个 1000 亿美元,至少 50% 是购买美国商品。


  英文:(a) China immediately will cease providingmarket-distorting subsidies and other types of government support that cancontribute to the creation or maintenance of excess capacity in the industriestargeted by the Made in China 2025 industrial plan;

  中文:(a)中国立即停止对中国制造 2025 扭曲市场的补贴和其他形式的政府支持,因为这样可能会造成这些行业产能过剩。

  英文: (b)by January 1, 2019, China will eliminate specified policies and practices withrespect to technology transfer;

  中文:(b)截至 2019 年 1 月 1 日,中国将消除有关技术转让的特定政策和做法。

  英文: (c) China will take immediate, verifiablesteps to ensure the cessation of Chinese government conducted, Chinesegovernment-sponsored, and Chinese government-tolerated cyber intrusions intoU.S. commercial networks and cyber-enabled theft targeting intellectualproperty, trade secrets and confidential business information held by U.S.companies;


  英文: (d) China will strengthen specifiedintellectual property rights protection and enforcement;


  英文: (e) by January 1, 2019, China willeliminate the provisions of the Regulations on the Administration of the Importand Export of Technologies and the Regulations on the Implementation of the Lawon Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures identifiedin the U.S. request for WTOconsultations in China – Certain Measures Concerning the Protection ofIntellectual Property Rights (DS542);

  中文:(e)到 2019 年 1 月,中国取消对技术进出口管理的相关规定,同时取消关于执行中外合资企业法中的条款的规定,这些规定美国曾提出在 WTO 和中国磋商,目的是为了保护知识产权。

  英文:(f)by July 1, 2018, China will withdraw its request for WTO consultations inUnited States – Tariff Measures on Certain Goods from China (DS543) and willtake no further action related to this matter under the WTO Understanding onRules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes (“DSU”). In addition,China will not take any retaliatory action, whether in the form of tariffs onimports of U.S. products or in any other form, including unwarranted sanitaryand phytosanitary (“SPS”) measures, unwarranted technical barriers to trade(“TBT”) measures, antidumpting and countervailing duties, and discriminatoryinspection, quarantine and testing practices directed at imports of U.S. agriculturalproducts, in response to actions taken or to be taken by the United States,including any new U.S. restrictions on investments or imports. Chinaimmediately will cease all retaliatory actions currently being pursued. Chinaagrees to immediately cease the targeting of American technology andintellectual property through cyber operations, economic espionage,counterfeiting, and piracy. China also agrees to abide by U.S. export controllaws.

  中文:(f)2018 年 7 月 1 日,中国撤回在 WTO 要求和美国就从中国进口商品征收关税进行磋商的要求,同时中国不再在 WTO 的规定框架和条款下对美方采取更多行动。



第三部分 对敏感技术的投资限制

  英文:In light of China’s prevailing investmentrestrictions and state-directed investment in sensitive U.S. technologysectors, including industrial plans such as Made in China 2025, China confirmsthat it will not oppose, challenge, or otherwise retaliate against the UnitedStates’ imposition of restrictions on investments from China in sensitive U.S.technology sectors or sectors critical to U.S. national security.

  中文:按照中国盛行的投资管制和国家导向的对美国敏感技术的收购,包括中国制造 2025 计划,中国确认不会对美国限制中国投资事关美国国家安全的敏感技术领域的行为进行报复。

第四部分 美国在中国的投资

  英文:China recognizes that China should notdistort trade through investment restrictions, and that any investmentrestrictions or conditions imposed by China must be narrow and transparent.

  U.S. investors in China must be affordedfair, effective and non-discriminatory market access and treatment, includingremoval of the application of foreign investment restrictions and foreignownership/shareholding requirements. In furtherance of these principles, Chinawill issue an improved nationwide negative list for foreign investment by July1, 2018. Within ninety (90) days of the date on which China issues thisnegative list, the United States will identify existing investment restrictionsthat deny U.S. investors fair, effective and non-discriminatory market access andtreatment. Following receipt of the U.S. list of identified restrictions, Chinais to act expeditiously to remove all identified investment restrictions on atimetable to be decided by the United States and China.


  在中国的美国投资者需要能够拥有公平有效、不被歧视的获得市场准入,包括去除针对外资的各种投资申请限制,外资企业股权比例和所有权要求,中国需要在 2018 年 7 月 1 日发布改进后的全国范围内的负面清单,美国将在 90 天内清查出目前已有的,对美国投资者获取公平有效和非歧视市场准入待遇不利的投资限制条款,中国需要在收到美方提出的这些条款后,根据中美约定的时间表进行清除。

第五部分 关税和非关税壁垒

  英文:China’s tariffs and non-tariff barriers aresignificantly higher than those of the United States for most tradable goods.China commits to address U.S. concerns relating to tariffs and non-tariffbarriers as follows: (a) by July 1, 2020, China will reduce its tariffs on allproducts in non-critical sectors to levels that are no higher than the levelsof the United States’ corresponding tariffs; and (b) China will removespecified non-tariff barriers. China also recognizes that the United States mayimpose import restrictions and tariffs on products in critical sectors, includingsectors identified in the Made in China 2025 industrial plan.


  (a) 到 2020 年 7 月 1 日,中国把所有非关键领域的产品关税降到和美国同等的水平。

  (b) 中国去除特定的非关税壁垒,中国同时认识到美国可能对关键领域产品实施进口限制和关税壁垒,包括中国制造 2025 年的内容。

第六部分 美国服务和服务提供商

  英文:Inorder to achieve fair treatment with respect to U.S. services and servicessuppliers, China commits to improve access to its market in specified ways.


第七部分 美国农产品

  英文:In order to achieve fair treatment withrespect to U.S. agricultural products, China commits to improve access to itsmarket in specified ways.


第八部分 执行

  英文:China and the United States will meetquarterly to review progress in meeting agreed targets and reforms.


  英文:In the event that the United Statesconsiders that China fails to comply with any of China’s commitments in thisFramework, including deficit targets, China acknowledges the likelihood thatthe United States will impose additional tariffs or other import restrictionson Chinese products, or on the supply of services or investment, to such extentas the United States deems appropriate. China also understands that it will notoppose, challenge or take any form of action against the United States’imposition of additional tariffs or restrictions pursuant to this paragraph,including action pursuant to the DSU.


  中国同时不会采取反对、挑战或者其他任何形式的行为反对美国根据本段内容附加的关税和其他限制措施,同时中国不会在 WTO 发起贸易争端申诉。

  英文:China will withdraw its WTO complaintsregarding designations of China as a non-market economy by the United Statesand European Union (United States – Measures Related to Price ComparisonMethodologies (DS515), European Union – Measures Related to Price ComparisonMethodologies (DS516)) and will refrain from challenging the treatment of Chinaas a non-market economy under the DSU in the future.

  中文:中国在 WTO 撤回对欧盟和美国把中国列为非市场国家的申诉

  英文:Additionally, within 15 days of receiving writtennotice of a prohibited product that may have been transshipped through one ormore countries, with or without modification, China will provide full detailsof every such shipment to the suspected destination or destinations. If Chinafails to do so, or the information reveals that transshipping is occuring, theUnited States will impose tariffs equal to the amount of suspectedtransshipments.

  中文:除此之外,如果美方收到中国通过第三国转运禁止进口商品的消息,中国需要在 15 天之内提供转运货物的详细信息包括每艘船的目的地,如果中国没有做到,或者信息显示中国有通过第三国的转运行为,美国将会针对转运货物价值相等的部分征收关税。

  英文:China understands that if it fails touphold any commitment under this Framework for Discussion, it is likely thatthe United States will impose tariffs on imports from China, and, whereappropriate in the case of China’s commitments under subsection (c) of Section2 or the last paragraph in Section 2, U.S. Customs and Border Protection willconfiscate counterfeit and pirated goods or levy tariffs to compensate theUnited States for its lost technologies and intellectual property. Chinacommits to not take any retaliatory action in response to the imposition oftariffs or confiscations by the United States pursuant to this Section



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