报价6700元 USD (美元)
  • 品牌Photodigm
  • 供货周期一周
  • 规格 PH780DBR
  • 货号 PH780DBR


  • 营业执照已审核
  • 品牌性质经销商
  • 金牌会员第7年
  • 信用积分1834
  • 反馈速度21-24小时
  • 同类耗材
400-860-5168转3429 仪器信息网认证,请放心拨打


780 nm Laser Diode  


  • DBR Single-Frequency Laser Chip

  • AlGaAs QW Active Layer

  • Epi designed for high reliability


  • Available in several package styles

  • Pulsed operation for spectral stability at short pulse lengths

  • High power for CW applications

  • High Slope Efficiency

  • Spectroscopy Series 780 nm laser diode certified for D2 line of Rb


The PH780DBR Series of high-power edge-emitting lasers are based on Photodigm’s
advanced single-frequency laser technology. It provides a diffraction limited, single lateral and longitudinal mode beam. Facets are passivated for high-power
reliability. Single frequency 780 nm laser diodes are used in atomic spectroscopy for rubidium-based applications.

Absolute Maximum Rating

1/ Butterfly package 2/ TO8 package**Do not exceed drive current or operating power of supplied LIV

CW Characteristics at T= 25°C unless otherwise specified

1/ Butterfly package  2/ TO-8 package

Handling Precautions

These devices are sensitive to ESD. When handling the module, grounded work area and wrist strap must be used. Always store in an antistatic container with all leads shorted together.

How To Order

Part number example: PH780DBR080CM. Assign optical power from those available shown below. 
Use a three-digit format for all power entries. Call factory for special performance selection and certification to certain atomic absorption lines. Butterfly package is offered only at 50% of output powers shown, and is not recommended for spectroscopy applications. See Photodigm’s application note titled Optical Feedback